The Clans of Old
Welcome to The Clans of Old. Register and create your character to join us in the story of the four original forest clans. Choose between RiverClan, ShadowClan, ThunderClan, and WindClan and begin your own story!

May StarClan always guide your paws!
The Clans of Old

A roleplay site based on the Warriors series by Erin Hunter,

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Site Rules

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Please read the following carefully:

In order to achieve a friendly and fun atmosphere, there are rules that must be followed without exception. Breaking any of the following rules can result in warnings, temporary bans and indefinite bans depending on the severity of each broken rule. No member is exempt, anyone who is caught breaking the rules in any form, will be penalized appropriately.So please, read these carefully and keep them in mind. Then read them again!

1. Respect
The golden rule, treat others as you wish to be treated. Be respectful, be kind and be helpful. Any teasing, bullying, or harassment of others will NOT be tolerated.

2. Bad Language
This is a site that welcomes young people, so refrain from using strong or suggestive language. If you just can't help yourself go somewhere else. This is not the place.

3. Child-Friendly
Again, this is meant to be fun for everyone. There may be children around, so keep all messages, images, posts,and talk PG-13. Don't post anything an 8 year old has no business knowing.

4. Personal Information
It is recommended that you not share personal information as this could be potentially harmful.

Stupid. Pointless. Annoying. Messages. Post in the appropriate forums. Ask questions in the help section. Do not double-post. Do not moderate other players, that is what the admins and moderators are here for. They will take care of it.

6. Anything that is considered harmful to other players and this site can result in you getting banned.

On a side note: If a player is harassing you, annoying you, etc, please do not hesitate to inform one of the mods or admins.
Contact them immediately so that appropriate action can be taken as quickly as possible.

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