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ThunderClan Territory Information

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The ThunderClan forest territory is located in what Twolegs call the White Hart Woods. The territory also includes Twoleg places such as Windover Road and Chelford Forest. Landmarks in this territory include:

Camp - It lies at the foot of a sandy ravine, protected by thornbushes. The camp is easy to defend and hard to attack.

Tallpines and Treecut Place - Pines near Twolegplace. Usually filled with Twoleg tree-eaters, the ground there rumbles and leaves deep gullies filled with muddy water.

The Great Sycamore - One of the largest trees with strong and thick branches.

The Owl Tree - A tree that serves home to a tawny owl.

Sunningrocks - Rocks that absorb the sunshine and are a place of relaxation. Moons ago, it used to be an island belonging only to RiverClan, but when the river changed current, ThunderClan wanted this territory, too.

Snakerocks - Home to venomous adders. The caves beneath the rocks can also be homes to other dangerous creatures.

The Sandy Hollow - A training hollow with soft sand so apprentices don't hurt themselves.

Twolegplace - The place where Twolegs live. This place is avoided at all costs.

The camp entrance is well hidden by brambles, which protect the camp from predators, but doesn't stop sunshine from coming in. A ravine leads through it. This ravine was once a river, but it is now dried up. The way into the camp is through the gorse tunnel. The nursery has thick bramble walls and is the most guarded part of the camp. Behind a tree stump, there is a clump of ferns where the apprentices sleep. Warriors sleep under a bush in another tunnel. Inside the camp, there is a fallen tree where the elders sleep, and the senior warriors sleep in the center of the camp. Across the clearing, a smooth tall rock resides. This is called the Highrock, and the leader stands there to make important speeches. The leader's den is in a cave in the rock which was carved out by an ancient stream. Lichen covers the entrance. The last notable feature in the camp is a fern tunnel that leads to a crack in a rock. This is the medicine cat's den.

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