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The Clans of Old

A roleplay site based on the Warriors series by Erin Hunter,

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Roleplay Rules

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Please read the following roleplay rules carefully:

    This is a site for roleplay, so it does have a few rules that must be followed when writing for your character. These rules apply to you as the writer and not your character, clan rules are located here. By following these rules we will be able to maintain a fun and fair roleplay.

    1. One Account
    You are only allowed one account. One character. One cat. Anyone found breaking this rule may have a character removed. As the roleplay progresses Corbin's Nest will have option to purchase extra characters.

    2. Word Limit
    There is a word limit to this roleplay. There is a 50 word minimum, which should be easily achievable by new and experienced writers.

    3. No God-modding
    No character is all powerful, as such do not roleplay as such. There will be no killing other characters without the express permission of the roleplayer. Fights and such must be kept realistic. No cat will kill another with a single paw swipe, just as a kit will not fight off a fox alone.

    4. No Mary-Gary Sues
    No one is perfect. Neither are the characters. Everyone has flaws so give your character some flaws and quirks.

    5. No abnormal cats
    This is a realistic roleplay, cats must be kept realistic. That means no strange fur colors, eye colors, or additions such as wings etc.

    6. Time Skips
    Anything not child friendly in the roleplay must be time-skipped or blacked-out.

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