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The Clans of Old

A roleplay site based on the Warriors series by Erin Hunter,

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Credits and Disclaimer

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Due to the fact that most of the information was graciously grouped together by other people and is now being used on this site, it is a need to give credit where credit is due! But before that, the usual disclaimer:

Warriors is a book series belonging to Erin Hunter. This site has been made purely for the entertainment of those who enjoy the books. It is the goal of this site to provide a safe, fun, and friendly environment where all fans alike can make a character based in the four original clans and roleplay the life of said character. We do not claim credit for any of the ideas or information, all that belongs to Erin Hunter.

Now the credits - Most of the informational pages have a link directing to where the information originates from. However, some may have been missed. Either way, in an effort to be organized all those links will also be provided here.

Ceremonies - thread; source

Clan Terminology - thread; source

Medicines and Herbs - thread; source

Names (Prefixes) - thread; source

Territories - thread; RiverClan; ShadowClan; ThunderClan; WindClan

The Alignment System - thread; source

The Four Clans - thread; RiverClan; ShadowClan; ThunderClan; WindClan

The Warrior Code - thread; source

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