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Swoopingstar of Windclan

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1Swoopingstar of Windclan Empty Swoopingstar of Windclan on Wed Oct 25, 2017 3:04 am


Swoopingstar of Windclan Awriwh


Name: Swoopingstar
- Nickname: Swoop
- Previous Names: Swoopingkit - Swoopingpaw - Swoopinghawk
- Future Names: N/A

Physical Age: 21 moons
Mental Age: 35 moons

Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Clan: WindClan

Rank: Leader
- Previous Ranks: Kit, Apprentice, warrior, deputy

Cat breed: Somali
Coat colour: Silver and white
Eye colour: Orange
Scars?: A single scar over his left eye.

Personality: Despite his young age, SwoopingStar is a lot more responsible and mature than others who are his age. He is brave and devoted to his clan, however, he can become aggressive and judgemental towards those loyality or underestimate his ability to lead his clan effectively sue to his age.

Main personality traits:
Quick-thinking - He has the ability to create effective plans in a short space of time, as a result, he also has a quick reaction time. This is beneficial in battles or emergencies.
Sociable - He gets on with his fellow clanmates, which is makes him a positive character in general. As a result, his warriors are more likely to listen to him.
Trustworthy - He is incredibly trustworthy to his clanmates, if someone tells him a secret he will take it to his grave.
Deceptive towards different clans - He likes to toy around the other clans.

Positive personality traits:
Adaptable - Due to his youthful character, He can adapt himself to suit his surrounding.
Determined - He is determined to make his clan great and once he has his mind set on a task, he will do his utmost to complete it.

Negative personality traits:
Crafty - As he can adapt and think quickly, he can also be quite crafty. This is normally due to the
Sarcastic - He tends to mock the other clans in front of his clanmates as a joke and this can sometimes cause problems
Aggressive - He can become angry rather quickly is someone mocks him about his maturity or his leadership.

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