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Fadedlight - Deputy of ShadowClan

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Fadedlight - Deputy of ShadowClan Ffded9d7965d37fb8e84f66b8729eca3--tabby-cats-kitty-cats

Name: Fadedlight
Previous Names: Fadedkit, Fadedpaw
Nicknames: Faded, Faders
Rank: Deputy
Age: 21 moons
Gender: She-cat
Cat Species: Bengal cat

Positive Traits:

  • Determined: She is a very determined individual, she is known to fight for what she believes in, and will often overwork herself to achieve her goals.
  • Easy to talk to: She has a kind demeanor, and has a way of getting people to talk about what's upsetting them.
  • Trustworthy: She is like a safe; she has never told anyone's secrets. Her trustworthiness should not be mistaken for honesty. Though she is a generally honest cat, she will not hesitate to lie or bend the truth if she sees it necessary for the well being of another.

Neutral Traits

  • Reserved: She is very slow to show her emotions, and usually keeps up a happy pace, hiding her true feelings from others.
  • Humorous: She has a great sense of humor and often cracks jokes to lighten the mood.
  • Calm: She keeps a calm attitude, even if she internally is highly frustrated. She believes this makes it easier for cats to talk to her.

Negitive Traits

  • Defencive: She is very quick to jump and defend someone, even if they are not worthy of it.
  • Secretive: She keeps many secrets about herself and others, some that would be better shared.
  • Suspicious: She gets rather suspicious of what her clanmates are doing, and if they are lying. She often secretly follows cats out of her own curiosity.

Alignment: Neutral good - Benefactor


Fadedkit was born into a family of three; her, her mother, and her sister Dapplekit. She never knew who her father was, but there were suspicions that he was a kittypet. Fadedkit always brushed this off, and spent a lot of time in the elder's den, listening to their stories. Once Fadedkit and Dapplekit were old enough to eat their own prey, their mother, Brackenspirit, left to be with her mate, Fadedkit and Dapplekit's father Spades. The other kits teased Fadedkit and Dapplekit to no end, to the point where both of them attempted to leave camp, but were convinced to return by Applebreeze, one of the elders. This is one of the secrets she keeps.

When Fadedkit and Dapplekit were made 'paws, they were mentored by two sisters: Moonpetal and Wildlight. They trained hard, usually together, and were becoming quite formidable warriors. They even part took in a sparring tournament together during their first moon as 'paws - the same tournament that injured Rainfeather. Fadedlight is actually responsible for this incident, and she doesn't forget it. Not many of ShadowClan's cats know of her role in this incident, only the few that witnessed it first hand, like Wildlight, Moonpetal, Onyxstar and ShadowClan's former apprentice Dapplesplash.

While they grew better at fighting and hunting, they also grew much closer together, which is why Fadedpaw was so crushed when Dapplepaw decided to move to RiverClan with an apprentice she had been meeting secretly for moons. That's why she's always so suspicious of cats.

Fadedpaw spent the rest of her apprenticeship trying to prove she was unlike her kin. She trained harder, often on her own time, and spent every free minute hunting for the elders, queens and kits and perfecting her techniques. She earned her name in a battle against a fox when her and her mentor were blindsided by a fox. They couldn't return to camp or call for help, so they outwitted the fox. Fadedpaw let the fox hit her a few times, then got it to follow her out of the territory, where she and Wildlight gave it a couple scratches to remember. They made it back to camp both bleeding from many wounds and leaning heavily on one another. Wildlight's wounds became infected, and she wasn't recovering. Two sunrises later on the verge of leaf-bare, she caught greencough and as her dying wish asked the leader to make Fadedpaw a warrior. Fadedpaw was named Fadedlight in memory of her mentor.

The young warrior continued improving her skills, quietly hoping that one day she would be the kind of warrior that could've saved Wildlight, even though she was told that she did the best any cat could. She became one of the most respected warriors, and when the deputy Onyxheart became the leader, she was proud to assume the role as the Clan's deputy, promising to serve as best she could and hoped that this would mean the Clan would forget about her family's mistakes.

Noteable Scars/Birthmarks
Fox Fight with Wildlight

  • A massive chunk torn from her left ear - the fox did not tear the tip of her ear off, but it did leave a sizeable chunk missing. The medicine cat at the time said it was miraculous that her ear wasn't completely gone with a wound like that.
  • A large claw wound stretching from her front right shoulder to her central back - this scratch was among the deepest and became infected during the healing process.
  • Teeth marks around her right eye - this would've taken out her eye if not for Wildlight. Fadedlight hates seeing her reflection, as she is reminded of her loss every time she sees her scars - this one especially.


  • A nick in her right ear - just a little nick from a border scrap.
  • Her back left paw pad has a light pink blotch in it - she was born with this.

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Father: Spades
Spades was a black and grey dappled, short-haired kittypet with blue eyes. He remained a mystery to the majority of the Clan until Greyshade announced she was moving away to join him in the Twoleg place. Fadedlight never met him.

Mother: Greyshade
Greyshade was a silver tabby she-cat with bright green eyes and sleek fur. She was a kind and mysterious cat, even to her closest friends. Many cats were surprised by her choice to leave, and many scorned her for her decision. She left her kits when they could be sustained by fresh kill.

Sister: Dapplesplash (*If someone wishes they can PM me and play as Dapplesplash.)
Dapplesplash was a silver and black tabby she-cat with her mother's green eyes. She had sleek fur and quick paws. She and her sister were very close, which made it even more heartbreaking when Fadedlight (Fadedpaw at the time) discovered she had been secretly meeting a RiverClan apprentice at Four Trees every other night and was joining him in his Clan. Fadedlight has hardly spoken a word to Dapplesplash at Gatherings, and when she has she was coldly polite, showing no emotion of dislike or support to her sister.

Mentor: Wildlight
Wildlight was a tall, sandy coloured she-cat with golden yellow eyes. She mentored Fadedlight, while her sister, Moonpetal, mentored Fadedlight's sister, Dapplesplash. They became good friends throughout their training together, and she silently admired her apprentice's determination. Wildlight was killed in the aftermath of a fox fight with Fadedlight. Her injuries became infected and then she caught greencough. The disease took her life, but in her dying breath she wished Fadedlight to become a warrior, and Fadedlight was named after her mentor.

Rainfeather: Rainfeather grew up alongside Fadedlight. She too lost her mother and had kittypet roots on her paternal side. They became friends and supported each other through hardship. Fadedlight considers her 'the sister that stayed'.

Onyxstar: There is a great deal of mutual respect between the deputy and leader of ShadowClan. Onyxstar and Wildlight were close friends, so she trained with him and his apprentice frequently during her apprenticeship. Fadedlight thinks very highly of Onyxstar.

(Will update, please PM me if you'd like a place here!)

Mate: None yet

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