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Oakclaw Thunderclan

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1Oakclaw Thunderclan Empty Oakclaw Thunderclan on Thu Oct 26, 2017 2:40 pm


Not sure if I needed to do this or not? But anyway what can it hurt.

Oakclaw Thunderclan 9k=
name (if apprentice, desired warrior name): Oakclaw
nickname: Oak/Oaky
age (in moons): 26
gender: Female
clan: Thunderclan
rank: Deputy
cat breed:  American Shorthair

personality – She’s very protective of her territory. She’s also bold and is best if not messed with.
main personality traits (x3): great hunter, friendly, brave
positive personality traits (x3): sharp eyes, silent hunter, brave
negative personality traits (x3): Dull claws, half deaf, daredevil
I was not going to use the art I use, but I decided to anyway :3

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