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How the Rp Will Work

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1How the Rp Will Work Empty How the Rp Will Work on Mon Oct 23, 2017 5:22 pm


On this site your cat is allowed to be in various places at once. This means they can be talking to one cat in camp and hunting with two others near the border. In order to achieve this, you are allowed to make various  topics under the appropriate forums. You have the choice of keeping the topic "open", thereby inviting other members and their characters or keeping the topic "closed" so only you and other players you have invited are allowed to post.

i.e. topic titles such as:

"StarClan and "name" - FourTrees - Open"
"StarClan - FourTrees - open"
"FourTrees - open"
welcomes any other players to participate in the topic and to join in or leave at any time they want.

"StarClan and "name" - MoonStone - Closed"
"Moonstone - invite only"
"MoonStone - closed"
lets other players know that the topic is only between you and the other player.

In order to avoid confusion, add a location to the topic title to make it clear to others where you are.

Using this system will make events easier to play without having to wait for a certain time. It will also allow you to interact and write with many other members of your clan and even some that are not.

If you have any questions about this - post below

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