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. Quailfrost . Medicine Cat of Riverclan .

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Medicine Cat
. Quailfrost . Medicine Cat of Riverclan . New_canvasfbwvert_by_kaseypaws-dbs5y04

old art, will be replaced soon

Quailfrost is a small, nub-tailed tabby with a pelt consisting of multiple shades of grey-brown and white. The feline has two pure white paws, one black and one consisting of a mix of both black and white. Quailfrosts’ eyes are a gentle combination of green, hazel and blue. He has one torn ear and a dull pink/red nose. He has a small amount of extra neck fur, making it seem as though he has a 'hood' of fur draped around his shoulders. He stutters occasionally when he speaks.


basic information

name ;; Quailfrost
nickname ;; Quail

age ;; 26 moons
gender ;; male

clan ;; Riverclan
rank ;; Medicine cat
cat breed ;; Japanese Bobtail


personality traits ;;

+ = positive
= = neutral
- = negative

+ eager to help - although quailfrost is very timid around new comers, he enjoys helping anyone out who may need it.
+ active listener - quailfrost is not one to put himself forward, although he's always happy to lend an ear or two. he can more often than not be seen sitting down next to someone with wide eyes and the occasional nod of his head as he listens to the other tell him about something they wanted to get off their chest.
+loyal + tight lipped - quailfrost is very loyal to those he trusts and/or respects. you'll never see him tell a secret or spread a rumour. he won't hesitate to put himself in front of a set of claws if he feels someone will be hurt.
+ hard working + diligent - once he sets his mind to something, he'll be sure to do it.

= pacifist – quailfrost is very against violence due to the damage it causes. he'll try to avoid confrontation, even if it means rolling over and showing his stomach.
= quiet - he'd rather listen than talk, as he's more comfortable doing just that.
= gentle + caring - if someone is hurt - he'll help them. due to his quiet nature, he's somewhat great at comforting people, whispering encouragement to those who need it.
= gets attached easily - quailfrost is quick to find the good in others, even if it is non existent. if you hold the door open for him he'll probably fall in love you.
= friendly - while a little on the timid side, quailfrost tries to greet everyone with a warm heart, no matter who they are.
= praise driven - he'll do anything for a bit of praise

- frightened easily/timid - quailfrost gets put on edge at the slightest out of place sound, he tends to either flee or hide behind someone stronger than him if he feels threatened.
- pusillanimous - once he loses his will to stand up for himself or knows he cannot win, he becomes very submissive and jittery.
- meek – quailfrost is very easily imposed on and gentle/shy.


-- tba --

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Medicine Cat


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