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Cat Stats - Character Sheet

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1Cat Stats - Character Sheet Empty Cat Stats - Character Sheet on Mon Oct 23, 2017 5:36 pm


In case you have not yet found the Cat Stats yet, they can easily be found in your profile. You will have to generate the character sheet first, but after that you can begin to fill in your characters statistics.

What is each section asking you for?

Name -
Fill in the name of your cat here, from his or her current name to the ones that would have been previously used.

Age -
Your cats age will be here and can be viewed in your messages.

Gender -
Male, female, tom, molly, these and other words are accepted here.

Rank -
Your cat's current rank goes here. Not their desired rank.

Breed -
If you know what breed your cat is, fill it in here.

Personality Traits -
These are so we can get to know your cat better without having to look for your biography. There are nine spaces to be filled. Three main personality traits, the very first impressions your cat gives. Three positive personality traits, what are the good things about your cat. and three negative personality traits, what your cat's flaws are go there.

Alignment -
Alignments are explained here.

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