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The Clans of Old

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Briarheart - Biography

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1Briarheart - Biography Empty Briarheart - Biography on Sat Nov 04, 2017 11:07 am


Medicine Cat

Briarheart - Biography Capture__2017_11_05_12_08_22_by_ferret_rock-dbsppkq

name (if apprentice, desired warrior name): Briarheart
nickname: Briar
age (in moons): 28
gender: Female
clan: ThunderClan
rank: Medicine Cat
cat breed: American Shorthair

personality -
main personality traits (x3): Positive, determined, anxious
positive personality traits (x3): Bubbly, soft-hearted, helpful
negative personality traits (x3): Anxious, vulnerable, persistent

Likes - Vole (food), climbing, running, naps, being warm, smell of juniper berries
Dislikes - Fish, small spaces, cold places, being wet, smell of mint, long walks

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Welcome to the site! Feel free to start rp whenever you are ready c:

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