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Duskstar of Riverclan

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1Duskstar of Riverclan Empty Duskstar of Riverclan on Mon Nov 06, 2017 10:20 am



Duskstar of Riverclan 20131116-calico-cat-jumping-2-M

name (if apprentice, desired warrior name): Duskstar
nickname: n/a (except Duskie, a pet name she was called in kithood)
age (in moons): 28 moons
gender: She-Cat
clan: RiverClan
rank: Leader
cat breed: American Shorthair

personality - Duskstar is a gentle she-cat, and she doesn't like kits. She doesn't hate them, either, but they are too energetic and sneaky for her liking. She has never had a mate since she was so stubborn and hostile in the past, but she's mostly changed.
main personality traits (x3): Gentle, stubborn and slightly sensitive.

(was given permission by other admin to become leader)
positive personality traits (x3): Gentle, creative and quiet.
negative personality traits (x3): Stubborn, slightly sensitive and curious (the curiosity that gets very dangerous)

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