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The Clans of Old

A roleplay site based on the Warriors series by Erin Hunter,

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The Falls | Open

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1The Falls | Open Empty The Falls | Open on Wed Nov 08, 2017 5:33 am


RobinFlight | Molly | 42 Moons | Deputy | Tagged; Open
Moonlight decorated the world below the starlit skies. Under them stood one particular warrior, the RiverClan deputy, who paced back and forth restlessly. She had came to the open falls to clear her mind, let the sound of water drown her thoughts but nothing worked. She sat there hearing the clicks of reeds against each other. Another cat had gone missing, two-legs once again. Her tail twitched with anger, bubbling at the surface of her chest and threatening to consume her everything. "Nrrah!" She screamed, punting a bunch of pebbles into the air with her paw. Her head hung low, slowly butting into the surface of the ground. Tears welled at her features, a feeling of hopelessness consuming her soul. The two-legs were too powerful; how could they ever stop them? She let her body go limp, collapsing into the pebbly ground. The feeling of a cold breeze whisked through her features and she raised her head towards the WindClan border. Of all the cats, it was WindClan who knew the most about the two-legs; if they could just ask, maybe they could face this problem together.

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