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OnyxStar - Leader of ShadowClan

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1OnyxStar - Leader of ShadowClan Empty OnyxStar - Leader of ShadowClan on Tue Oct 24, 2017 11:57 pm


OnyxStar - Leader of ShadowClan Robert-sijka-maine-coons

OnyxStar - Leader of ShadowClan Fredericka-the-great.regular

basic information

name || onyxstar
previous name || onyxheart
nickname || onyx || onnie (caution: name used only by those very close to him)
age || 61 moons
gender || male
clan || shadowclan
rank || leader
cat breed || maine coon


main traits||

  • independent - he doesn't like to rely on others, preferring to do things himself, a bit of "to get things done right, do it yourself" mentality
  • natural leader - he knows how to command and likes to get things done, he expects obedience but offers strong, competent leadership in return
  • serious - some say onyx does not have a sense of humor (he does - hidden very very deep), he rarely smiles, almost never laughs and is easily unimpressed

positive traits||

  • assiduous - everything is done with great attention; he always makes sure the best possible is being done. this applies especially to his clans well-being
  • wise - experience has made him a careful and knowledgeable cat. onyx has seen a lot and has done a lot, so he applies what he has learned in the past
  • decisive - it simply would not do to have a leader who hesitates; onyx never hesitates. once he has decided it to be a good choice, he will carry it out
  • hard working - he will not rest until he is sure he deserves it and that means ensuring the constant safety and prosperity of his clan every day
  • merciful - at least with his clan. onyx displays a particular soft spot for all the cats in his clan wishing they would never suffer from pain or hunger

neutral traits||

  • stern - he strives for organization and control, having high expectations for his clan and himself, and enforces the rules and warrior code to the letter
  • enigmatic - hard to get to know, he does not allow anyone to know the real him beyond the strong, inflexible leader persona he presents
  • curious - a trait he keeps hidden under aloofness and impassiveness, from a young age onyx displayed an inquisitive curiosity for everything
  • solemn - as a leader, he treats all with respect and expects it in return and for this purpose he presents himself in a formal and dignified manner
  • diplomatic - the needs of his clan come first and onyx will work tirelessly for it. he will always seek peace before war, but do not think he shies from conflict

negative traits||

  • unemotional - he finds it hard to display emotions, he feels them quite deeply but is unable of expressing them openly, hence why he appears so serious
  • blunt - honest to a fault. onyx rarely lies, but others may find he can be a bit harsh and lacking a certain amount of tact in his words
  • obstinate - being as proud as he is, onyx finds it difficult to admit he is wrong or at fault, so it is very difficult to change his mind once he has set it
  • demanding - having high expectations for himself, his clan and the other clans, onyx has no quarrel with directly demanding something
  • dark - due to his past, he has a bit of a dark mentality and outlook, which can sometimes translate into his actions or manner of speaking



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  • FadedLight
    Onyx was already a warrior by the time FadedLight was born. So he is, needless to say, quite a bit older than her. However, through her apprenticeship he got to know the younger she-cat and saw in her the qualities that encouraged him to choose her as the deputy of ShadowClan. He has a very deep respect for her and thinks quite highly of her. If he didn't, he wouldn't have chosen her as Deputy anyway. She is perhaps one of the few cats, he considers a close friend.
  • Rainfeather




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