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The Clans of Old

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HighStones and Beyond Information

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1HighStones and Beyond Information Empty HighStones and Beyond Information on Tue Oct 31, 2017 11:49 pm


This is where leaders and medicine cats go to share tongues with StarClan. Leaders go there to receive their nine lives or ask StarClan for help. Cats come here as part of various ceremonies, such as medicine cats sharing tongues with StarClan every half-moon, and leaders gaining their nine lives. When leaders go to the Moonstone, they are forbidden to eat or drink anything beforehand, including traveling herbs. They receive nine lives and have the second half of their name replaced with the suffix "–star" to honor StarClan. Leaders and medicine cats also come here if they need guidance from their warrior ancestors, but cannot wait for members of StarClan to walk in their dreams or have not seen them for many moons and need guidance.

Anywhere beyond the forest territories or HighStones that the cats may go.

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Medicine Cat
Thank you for completing my suggestion!
Better go off to the highstones to bug Starclan.

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