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Welcome to The Clans of Old. Register and create your character to join us in the story of the four original forest clans. Choose between RiverClan, ShadowClan, ThunderClan, and WindClan and begin your own story!

May StarClan always guide your paws!
The Clans of Old

A roleplay site based on the Warriors series by Erin Hunter,

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Newbie Guide

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Welcome newbies! We are happy to see you join us on TCoO and can't wait to get to know you and your character better! And we want to do that as soon as possible so! here is this topic to give you a quick guide of what you need to do first to get accepted and writing. And after, a few tips to get you better acquainted with the site!

So, first thing's first. In order to start at all really on this website - you must know the rules! It is of utmost importance, to everyone here that we all read, understand and follow the rules! Read them with care, breaking the rules can result in getting banned from this site permanently.
These are the rule pages:
Site Rules - CLICK!
Roleplay Rules - CLICK!

After that, it's on to the next part of the beginning. Before you can begin writing, you must make a biography for your character. Without it, any post you make under the role-play section will be deleted by a mod or admin. It is important to use the template as a guide and to fill in all the information into your character's bio in order to get accepted. You will not be accepted until it is complete!
You biography will only be accepted if it is made under a new topic, in the New Biographies section.  
Bio Template - CLICK!
New Biographies - CLICK!
As soon as you have completed your bio, you must wait to be accepted. Usually your new clan leader will accept you, if this takes too long however, someone else with the authority will accept you into the clan. After that someone will move your bio to the appropriate biographies section.
NOTE: If someone tells you that you have missing information, simply go back and fill it out and you will be accepted.
IMPORTANT: If you have joined under under a username that is NOT the name of your character, be forewarned that your username will be changed! In order to log in the next time, you will be using your characters name.

Now, what if you are having trouble naming your cat? We have a list of possible names and ideas you can use.
Prefixes - CLICK!
Suffixes - CLICK!
Or what if you're having trouble choosing a clan? Read about the clans and their current members here:
The Clans - CLICK!

Alright! So you've been accepted! What's next?
In order to continue you must understand how the roleplay here works. But don't worry we have a page with information about that too!
How the Roleplay Works - CLICK!
If you do not understand this at first, feel free to ask a mod or admin, or other member. Or to look around the rp forums. You'll soon get the hang of it!

Welcome officially to The Clans of Old!
But the start does not end here. We encourage you to review the other important aspects of the site. We ask that you fill in your character alignment and cat stats. Both of which are explained on these pages:
Alignments - CLICK!
Cat Stats - CLICK!
Filling these out will help other members find information about your cat faster! It's sort of another biography but one that must be filled out sooner rather than later!

And now the exploring is up to you! Read biographies, check out other rp threads, play games and continue to familiarize yourself with the community in TCoO.

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