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RobinFlight | RiverClan Deputy

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1RobinFlight | RiverClan Deputy Empty RobinFlight | RiverClan Deputy on Mon Oct 30, 2017 10:01 am


RobinFlight | RiverClan Deputy OZOugT9

name: RobinFlight
nickname: Robin
age: 42 moons
gender: female
clan: RiverClan
rank: Deputy
cat breed: moggie

Personality Summary
The tortoiseshell often asks herself what she would have done as an apprentice if her Clan didn't put up with her antics. When she wasn't breaking hearts or playing pranks she was towing the line and helping the clan grow. She has natural talents with kits, and while this often leads to her leading a small band of youngsters out of camp for an adventure; she teaches them life lessons and morals they will keep with them for the rest of their lives. RobinStar has an air of beauty to her; her form, words and appearance all speaking confidence and charity. However potential lovers beware! RobinStar has broken her fair share of he arts, luring toms in just to turn them down. Quite contrary to her birth in a water based clan, RobinStar has a specific dislike of swimming. This doesn't stop her from being an excellent swimmer, it also doesn't stop the stream of complaints the come from her maw everytime she enters the water. As an adult she has toned down some of her less pleasant traits in favour of being devoutly loyal to a chosen few.

main: Motherly, Loyal, Mischievous
positive: motherly, loyal, beautiful
negative: rebellious, mischievous, heart-breaker

History Summary
RobinKit and IvyKit, sisters close like peas in a pod. The two were trouble where ever they went, causing trouble and playing pranks. Separating them was almost impossible; they were the two trouble-making torties. When they were announced as apprentices the two were ecstatic, getting mentors who were siblings, to further their bond as well. That night, however, SandPool pulled her daughters to the side. She invited them outside of the camp and down to sunning rocks. RobinPaw remembered her mothers hesitation before speaking and the stutter as she spoke. IvyPaw wasn't her sister, she was just her litter mate. They had grown up as siblings, the clan knew them as siblings, but they weren't. SandPool stressed that they don't tell the clan and that IvyPaw was her daughter despite the lack of blood running between them. It shouldn't matter, RobinPaw told herself everyday as they drifted apart. It didn't matter she told herself as she moved off into her own friendship groups. Soon the distance between them was like a mountain. RobinPaw had tried to mend the gap but IvyPaw seemed uninterested. Now RobinPaw wished she had tried harder, even if it was just to tell her sister that she loved her. She mumbles it at night sometimes, "I love you IvyPaw" and hopes her sister hears her in StarClan. Occasionally her mind flickers back to the night she lost every thing and her claws pinch the ground. She had been speaking with her mother when a fire started, despite their best attempts she made it to camp alone. Her opinion on fighting for her clan was a bitter one, however she helped the clan grow. It wasn't long before RobinPaw was RobinFlight and RobinFlight was deputy. She was never meant to be a leader but she never doubted StarClan's choice.

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