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RainFeather of Shadowclan

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1RainFeather of Shadowclan Empty RainFeather of Shadowclan on Thu Nov 02, 2017 12:47 pm


Medicine Cat

Basic Information
Current Name; Rainfeather
Previous Name/s; Rain, Rainpaw
Nickname/s; Rain, Rae and R.
Rank; Medicine cat
Age; 26 Moons
Gender; She-cat
Parents; Pixie and Bat
Siblings; N/a
Friends; FadedLight and Onyxstar.


As a kit, Rain lived as a barn cat with her mother and father. Her mother ran a shelter and Rain never really understood her father as he and his twolegs moved away before she could know him better. Pixie, Rain's mother, had made a deal with an old Shadowclan leader after he had saved Rain. Soon after Rain reached the age of 4 moons, she was acting as if a clan apprentice, hunting and sparring with other cats in the barn.

Rain was happy at this time, her life was satisfying. That was until her mother was called off to help Shadowclan with missing kits, in the end she had died. Her body, as scared as it was, was brought to the young Rain. A tom, who would later become her mentor, repeated a message that was given to him by her mother before death. The message was never repeated but soon after, Rain joined Shadowclan as a kit.


Rain fought well, she kept her head high and she never backed down from a challenge. She was a determined apprentice, wanting nothing more than to protect her clan like her mother did. Though, halfway through her apprentice ship something dreaded happened. Rain was battling, proving her skills to her mentor when the apprentice fell backwards. Hitting her head onto a patch of rocks, knocking herself out. When the apprentice awoke she had not remembered much, and her whole body vibrated uncontrollably.

Moons later, the apprentice still couldn't well very well. She often begged to go back to training but the clan knew the truth, as much as the cat pleaded she could never become a true warrior. So, Rain watched as her mentor stopped visiting her and got a new apprentice.

Her Decision

Rain knew that becoming a warrior was something she could never do, she was much too old to go through training again. So, being defeated she rushed to Starclan with her questions. The only answer Rain got was the image of the medicine cat who had aided her. Soon, Rain gave into her thoughts and began learning the arts of healing.

Though Rain hated being a Medicine cat and not being able to battle, she bit her tongue and went on.

2RainFeather of Shadowclan Empty Re: RainFeather of Shadowclan on Thu Nov 02, 2017 1:07 pm


Accepted ^-^

Welcome to the roleplay!

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